Golf practice drills

Start from putting to driver

1.Use 4 balls, place them at four directions from the cup. Make 20 putts in a row from 3-feet. Then move on to 12 in a row from 6 feet, 8 from 10, 8 from 15, 4 from 20. Don’t need to be made consecutively. Drill three times for a day.

2. 2-putt. Practice 25, 30 and two-putt 5 times in a row.

Two important things: the direction of the putterface and the swing back angle. Replace the ball with an identifying mark. When put the ball back, make the line mark on the ball pointing to the hole. Then lign the putter face so it is perpendicular to the line on the ball.
Always follow through at or past the left toe


Chip 15 feet from the hole. Stop when have 10 consecutive chips that ends in 3 feed of the pin. Then change location and distance, then practice with 7-,8-,9-iron.

Keep the grip loose. Keep left wrist straight and fixed.

Bunker Shots
Best practice place: beach

Practice target is 5 yards for close banker and 10 yards for far banker.

The pin is close to the banker.
Half swing, hit an inch behind the ball. Clubface open.

Far banker
Hit 3-inch behind the ball.

Set target at 30, 40, 50 yard. Pitch 5 in a row within 8 feet of the pin. Then, 50, 75, and 100 yards. Begin with your 9-iron and work down to your 6-iron. Focus on hitting to consistent distances.

The goal is to know swing lengths and their approximate distances.

Tip: keep lower body motion minimum. Weight evenly distributed-heel to toe-on your front foot.


Use tees to define the contact. Place one tee in front of the toe of the club and one behind the heel. Practice swinging through the tees without a ball. The drill help to make sure following the correct swing path.

Next, hit 9 to 4 iron in a row within 10 to 20 feet of each other.

Tip: The downswing starts with a transfer of weight from the right foot to the left foot.

3- and 5-woods. Alternate between tee shots and turf shots.

Hit to 100-yard mark first, and then 150, 200-yard markers all with full swing. Hit 5 balls within 10 yards of the target. .

If wearing a watch, visualize pointing the watch face at the target at impact.

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